The Brevet Bird

Once I’d learnt to ride unaided on two wheels (a bit of a struggle), ridden to school with my three speed ‘tick-tick’ gears plus wicker basket, then was taken on my first Marlboro AC club run by my dad (full day in the saddle, with freshly installed toe clips and straps, ’cause dad said you couldn’t go out without).  I was truly hooked on all things cycling and proceeded to fill up my dad’s garage with my bikes.

Through all the wonderful people I have had the pleasure and benefit to meet, including Neville “Chain Ring” Chanin, Rocco Richardson, Alan Emery, Simon Doughty, Jon Jennings and Dave Minter, I’ve had the benefit to experience cycling in all its many forms.  From club runs, touring, racing, to riding and racing tandems (including ones with three wheels), then through to audaxes and randonnees to exploring the world of bikes with little wheels.

Given all these many influences and experiences, my wish list of rides is ever expanding to add new things, whilst being lucky enough to bag many of the ones at the top of my ever changing wish list.

My current ride wish list includes;

  • The ACP Fleches du France
  • The FFCT Diagonals du France
  • Raides Alpine
  • Cascades 1200
  • ISR 4C #2
  • UAF L’Aigle D’Or x 3


2 responses to “The Brevet Bird

  1. Hi Judith:

    Don’t know if you will remember me from PBP Rando – we rode for a while toegther in the sunshine enroute back to Paris. I ended up riding mostly through the entire last night and got in to Paris around 10:00.

    I just found your blog on the web – nice work.

    Sounds like your 2012 season is off to a grand start.

    Mine, on the other hand, has yet to start. My wife Janet had emergency surgery for a ruptured bowel, and I am now playing the role of home nurse to help her get better. I’ve yet to take out my road bike! I’ve been faithfully cycle commuting to work, though, so am not yet a total sloth.

    My dream of chasing the Cascade 1200 this year has been thrown in the ditch. My 2012 highlight will be helping to run the Jasper Control as a volunteer at the Rocky 1200 in July.

    I have LEL squarely in my sights for 2013. Perhaps we shall meet again there.

    Happy trails!


  2. Judith, you are an inspiration! I’ve followed your activity on Strava for some time, being clued into your existence during a Strava challange in which I saw the miles you logged. Living across the pond in the Mojave Desert, your cycling intrigues me. Keep pedaling! Thanks!

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