A Quick 24 hour TT round up

Everybody, riders and helpers alike, are all pretty smashed after a hard and fast 24 hour TT, despite the wind’s best efforts at disruption throughout the hours of daylight, both Saturday and Sunday.

All the YACF / AUK riders rode brilliantly, be it their first ever 24 hour TT or the most recent of many.  Big shouts outs need to go to, Steve Abrahams for his stunning ability to ride almost back to back two 24s on fixed, to Toby Hopper for a great ride in his first ever 12 hour TT (the Welsh 12, so one of the hardest courses on the books) and then following up with his first 24 hour TT and winning the combined Welsh 12 / Mersey Roads 24 hour trophy from Howard Waller who gave a fantastic performance on three wheels in both events.  Lastly, congratulations to Ultan Coyle for his second place overall.

Another special mention has to go to George “McNasty” Berwick and his tandem partner Phillip Jurczyx, who were riding their 51st and 1st 24s respectively.

There is a batch of photos of the event to be put on Flickr once they have been sifted and pruned.

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